Lead The Future: Strategies and Systems for Emerging Leaders

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Lead The Future: Strategies and Systems for Emerging Leaders

Grant Dever
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So you want to become a more effective leader?

You want to solve problems and help create a better future?

In Lead The Future, Grant shares powerful ideas and actionable steps to accelerate your growth as a leader.

Inside you will discover:

‣Strategies and systems to grow as a leader and expand your influence

‣A fresh perspective on what it means to be a leader and how to get started

‣Relatable stories from Grant’s experiences as a student leader and founder

‣The importance of friendship and finding your real fans

‣The influence of power laws on our world and how to apply that understanding

‣Simple systems for creating powerful habits and avoiding burnout

We live in an uncertain world, filled with looming problems both known and unknown. However, this is not a reason to lie in bed all day overwhelmed by cynical nihilism. We each have a role to play in solving problems and leading the world into a better future.

Let’s get started!

Early Reviews

“Grant Dever, former Student Body President at the University of Rochester, has focused his considerable leadership abilities towards empowering others. Bravo Grant. This will be an important inspiration to many.”

-Joel Seligman

President Emeritus, University Professor, University of Rochester

“As a student leader and then a staff member, Grant has contributed significantly to the University of Rochester community throughout his 7 years here. His collaborative approach led to the resolution of numerous problems. The book will convey the energy and optimism that contribute to his success.”

-Richard Feldman

Former President, University Professor, University of Rochester

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EPUB, MOBI, PDF versions of my book; each chapter comes with reflection prompts to help you take action

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